Tips for Better Oral Care

Good oral hygiene reduces cavities, keeps bad breath at bay and reduces the risk that you’ll lose teeth or wear dentures later in life. But, good oral hygiene involves far more than brushing your teeth twice daily (though that’s of considerable importance too). Set a goal to maintain the best oral hygiene possible, and let the dental care arverne ny tips below aid you in the process.

1- Brush Your Teeth for 2-Minutes

Don’t rush to brush your teeth and miss bacteria and dirt! Spend two minutes of your time, twice per day, brushing your teeth! This simple act protects your teeth and ensures a lifetime of the best oral health. Brush the front and back of the teeth and don’t forget the teeth in the back of your mouth. Set a timer to ensure that you’ve brushed for the right amount of time.

2- Brush Your Tongue

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Do you brush your tongue? If not, today is the perfect day to make the transition. Your tongue is very absorbent and as result, harbors millions of bacteria. The only way to remove the bacteria is by brushing your tongue.

3- Choose the Right Toothpaste

Choose a toothpaste labeled with the CDA Seal. This seal ensures that product that you’ve chosen will deliver the benefits they claim since they are backed by scientific research.  The right toothpaste makes a huge difference in the health of your teeth.

4- Drink More Water

Water is the best beverage that you can consume. Water contains fluoride which is important for your teeth. Best of all, it is absolutely free if you pour from the tap. Drinking water rinses off any sugars or food particles stuck-on the teeth, reduces the amount of sugary sweet drinks you consume, and has a slew of additional health benefits. Unarguably, water is the best drink that you can reach for.