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Fun Facts About the X-Ray

Everyone has had an X-ray before or they’re very lucky. This imagery is the most popular method physicians use to get a look at the inside of the body. An X-ray is used commonly to see if bones are broken or out of place, but there are many other uses for the scan as well. Read below to learn a few fun facts about the X-ray before your appointment at the flushing imaging center!

More Than Medicine

When you think about an X-ray, you probably think of the doctor. And while it is true that most X-rays take place within a medical facility, X-rays are used at facilities like the TSA and for historical purposes as well!

DNA, Thank You X-Ray

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It was an X-ray that discovered the DNA structure within our bodies! Rosalind Franklin showed the first images of DNA structure through the X-ray process and like they say, the rest is history.

Types of X-Rays

Did you know there are two types of X-rays used today? They’re very simple, known as a soft and a hard X-ray. The hard x-ray is used to identify human images while soft x-rays are used to identify images through hard surface.

It is the Unknown

Do you know what the X in X-rays stands for? It means unknown, and it fits perfectly since the physician is using the imagery to find out what is causing a particular problem. As you might suspect, the X was taken from Algebra and its meaning of an unknown equation.

See the Problem With X-Ray Imaging

Don’t be afraid of an X-ray if your doctor has ordered this test. It isn’t painful and only takes a few minute to complete. When it is done, the doctor knows with certainty what is ailing you so proper treatment can begin.